Pain At Work In Corporate/MNC

The nature of daily work at corporate / MNC involves less of physical activities. Adapting abnormal postures during work leads to the common work related injuries in corporate life.

  1. Recurrent joint pains
  2. CTD (cumulative trauma disorders)
  3. RSI (repetitive stress injuries)
  4. RMI (repetitive motion injuries)
  5. MSD (musculoskeletal disorders)

Repetition of any activity frequently, demand and supply of force during mobilizing objects, adaptation of awkward postures, static postures and contact stress for long duration during work, temperature extremes at work stations and psycho-social status of workers are few of the risk factors which causes work related musculo-skeletal disorders.


It starts with pain, soreness or fatigue in arms, legs, neck and back, during work and do not resolve in few hours, prevent sleep or wakes at night. Gradually the workers avoids participating in daily extra caricular activities, and finally leading to poor work performance.

The ideal management of the above mention work related injuries would be identifying and addressing the source of problem, preventing  aggravating factors like awkward postures and repetitive motion, rest and treatment to the injured part, lastly  do’s and don’ts during work as preventive measures to avoid further relapse.

Following few guidelines for designing a work station/ office with the help of a Physiotherapist, will help in preventing and overcoming these injuries. Adapting few principles during long duration standing and sitting work will help in preventing joint related pains. Physiotherapy guidelines with stretching, strengthening, relaxation exercises, body mechanics and work style adaptation will help reduce work related injuries optimize work wellbeing, performance and greater job satisfaction.


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