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A tilt table test attempts to determine the cause syncope by creating changes in posture from lying to standing. You will lie flat on a special bed or table with special safety belts and a footrest while connected to electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitors.

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Acupressure Health Care India Removable side arm rests allows the therapist to cater for larger clients and with the adjustable head rest allows the client to be put in different positions Lightweight&Sturdiness: Our massage table with Aluminium Leg is your best choice which offers perfect client comfort and experience with lightweight convenience and quality performance.Specially designed sturdy frame structure make it a table with exceptional stability Complete package includes a soft carry case to carry and protect your table. Easy to use, No tool needed to assemble Usage The massage table is widely used in professional therapy clinics,massage centers,salon, health club,beauty parlor and home

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