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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, known by its acronym TENS, is a modality that uses electric current to activate nerves in order to decrease pain. The TENS unit is a small device, often battery-operated, which can sometimes even fit into a pocket.
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Powerful Ultrasound Machine For Physiotherapy With TENS Combination: Accelerate healing and provide targeted pain relief with our advanced physiotherapy machine. Customizable Settings: Fine-tune therapy for personalized treatment plans, ensuring optimal results for every patient. High-Resolution Display: User-friendly interface for clear visibility of treatment parameters and real-time feedback. Clinically Proven Efficacy: Designed in collaboration with leading physiotherapists, our machine delivers exceptional patient outcomes. Portable & Durable: Easy to transport between clinics, built with premium materials for long-lasting use. Output mode continuous/pulse(1:1), intensity maximum 3.5 w/cm2. Timer: 01 ~ 99 minute Frequency: 2hz - 10hz - 50hz - 100hz - 150hz.

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