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This gym ball is made from high quality material with anti burst properties. It acts as a strong stabilizer to the lower back and abs while performing core exercises. It is ideal for posture correction and is much require in this day and age. It also has a foot pump included for further utility.

Specifications Descriptions
Safe to Use: Our Gym ball is constructed in a way that allows it to deflate gradually. This exercise ball is also burst resistant, if pierced, lowering the danger of injury from falling to the ground and providing you with the most compassionate protection. Complete Fitness: With gym balls, you can really challenge yourself and work every muscle in your body. Use it for various activities, such as arm strengthening routines, yoga stretches, cardio and Pilates. Perfect for strength, flexibility, or de-stressing! This exercise ball is the perfect addition for your Home Gym Equipment. Physiotherapy Ball: Gym balls also known as Swiss balls are considered as valuable fitness equipment in physiotherapy due to their ability to engage multiple muscle groups, enhance flexibility, improve balance and stability, and provide a low-impact exercise option. Best Quality: This yoga ball is an anti-burst since it is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride material and has a high density. It can easily support up to 150 kg of body weight, making it ideal for strenuous exercises. Anti-Slip & Durable: When you hold the Gym ball horizontally, the ribs will ensure that the ball will not slip from your hands because of the high-quality PVC material that makes it non-slip. It is also simple to carry. Overall, simple to handle.

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