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A folding walker is a basic standard walker with no wheels, folds on half for easy storage and transportation, is lightweight and sturdy. It is most commonly used when a senior needs to keep weight off of their foot or leg (ie. after surgery or fracture).
Specifications Descriptions
Foldable Design-The walker is easy to fold with a single push button combined with its lightweight frame ensuring easy storage, and portability. Lightweight Aluminium U- Shaped Frame-The walker is made of durable, and sturdy Aluminium based U-shaped frame, ideal for regular indoor and outdoor use. The material of the frame is made of Al. TFS with MS Cross Brace and weighs only 2.28 Kg ensuring easy portability. Adjustable Height-The height varies from 780mm to 950mm with an option of 8 pre-sets: suitable for seniors with varying walking positions.

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